Hotel Yorgo Seferis Residence:

Nobel literature prize has Yorgo Seferis Greek poet, in 1900, was born in this house in Urla quay and youth were spent here in the first year. After restoration, the home of Ankara Sumer pair handed, eight-room hotel began to entertain the guests. Thick stone walls, furnished with interesting antiques mekánları the partners, air-conditioned, large, tasteful rooms, a winter that does not extinguish any fire, the beautiful gardens and good quality restaurant, the spirit, this small hotel, more concrete activities of Urla, the history of the Aegean and is specific to re - hope to remember about.
Phone: 0232 7520414 Iskele-Urla


Hana Hotel:

For those who want to stay in the center of Urla, a nice option. Out of deadlock, Malgaca market, narrow streets, artisan radical restaurants, Urla all sections of life ... Han 125-year market, after restoration, three years, very sympathetic, Bulgaria to refugees and operated by the pair Ünzüle and Bahri Girgin. The niceties, the courtyard. Simple and air-conditioned rooms. Upper floor of the fireplace and antique dining table in that section, created a place to enjoy, especially in winter.
Camiatik Mah. Tatar Cami Sok. Urla.Tlf: 0232 754 20 77 Urla


Color Hotel:

Of the most preferred hotels Çeşmealtı'nın. Hotel's swimming pool, restaurants, piers, open-air cinema is available. Rooms are air-conditioned and include sections apart. Boat tours are organized.
Yali Caddesi No: 165, Çeşmealtı-Urla Phone: 0232 755 20 56
The Can Club:

Young people are filled, not any müziksiz memories, full of activities like water sports, a seaside hotel. In bungalow-style rooms, beach club and Çeşmealtı'na free services.
223 Sok. No: 14, Blue Beach, Çeşmealtı. Phone: 0232 755 16 34
Central Motel Pension:

Iskele five rooms in the neighborhood, the modest hostels, two three-bed room. Hostels in the coast, is serving 13 years.
Yali Cad. 2126 Sok. No: 12, Quay, Urla, 0232 752 00 25
Eren Pension:

Çeşmealtı in the neighborhood, the modest hostels, the rooms are air-conditioned, bedroom, living room and kitchen and bathroom in the coastal oluşmaktadır.Deniz pensions, has been serving for many years.
Yali Cad. No: 103, Çeşmealtı, Urla, 0232 755 26 90
Aktur HOTEL:

Urla Kalabakta the hotel, on the beach with 15 rooms and 30 beds to serve.
Kalaba quarter-Urla, 0232 766 12 98
Pencereyi Kapatın